Kairindo was established in order to build a stable and sustainable market at oversea region. We have been exporting high quality Japanese products overseas, mainly Japanese Sake, since the year 2013. Our goal is promoting “the Japanese quality” to the world.
Cooperating with over 40 Sake brewery companies, we export over 10000 bottles of Sake each month. And our market is still increasing at CHINA, HONG KONG, TAIWAN, VIETNAM and SINGAPORE. With efforts toward original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we as well have developed unique products such as “8th Ocean”, “AGEM”, “Oh Splash” and even more. Further, we are now active on hosting different events and Sake brewery tours. Our Sake brewery tours are highly rated. In the tours, you would not only enjoy Sake tastings and experience Sake brewing but will also be guided with a trip which would let you enjoy the local cultures and nature features.
KAIRINDO physical store Sake Shop & Bar KAIRINDO had started services at Monzennakacho, Tokyo at 2017. We always put the promotion of Japanese Sake toward the whole world as our great commission.


Company Name
Yang Xiao
<Head Office(JAPAN)>
4F, 1-8-2, Tomioka, Koto-ku, Tokyo
135-0047, Japan
Phone Number
+81 3 5809 9670


Showing “the individuality of Japanese Sake” to the world

Despite having export trading as the main business, our efforts are as well involved toward developing and selling own-brand Sakes and products.
With a well-built network connecting all the great Sake breweries located in different place, our company excel on having fast and flexible correspondences.
Together with the bonded relationships between partners, fine adjustments on products and pleasant corporations between each other allow us to development our “Tasty, Preserved, Safe and High-quality” products.
Nowadays, leading by Ramen and Sushi, Japanese food is well-known and as well be loved in the worldwide stage. Yet, the fame of Japanese Sake is still in a very low level. In terms of the popularizing rate, Japanese Sake is still far away from success comparing to wine.
You could hardly find a foreigner enjoy a cup of Japanese Sake. Some may even have a negative thought toward the “cheap, local made” Japanese Sake.
I personally think Japanese Sakes are fantastic drinks when you are having a meal.
Sake have a wide individuality among its flavor and taste, that it even could be either rate more light-body or more full-body to wine.
I wish the marvel of Japanese Sakes could as well be known by the world. And for that, first, I want to make everyone be able to buy it and drink it.
KAIRINDO active in produce and promote the “Good Japanese products” with the help of different local Sake breweries, we wish to share the grace of “a live with Japanese Sake” to everyone.

Mr.Yang Xiao

President Mr.Yang Xiao

Loved Japanese Sake and qualified as a Sake sommelier before starting up KAIRINDO. At the year 2013, Set up K.K.Kairindo as trading company.
Influenced by Japanese friends, fascinated by Japanese Sake, and wish to share it to his home country, CHINA. After the year 2014, hosting Sake tasting event and Sake seminar etc., working for a contribution toward the recognition of Japanese Sake.